Bleached Coffee Filters versus Unbleached Coffee Filters

Coffee Anyone?

For a few years now I have had a coffee maker that requires the little cone shaped filters.  Faced with not only choices of #2 or #4, but with the color option of white or brown?  Bleached coffee filters versus unbleached coffee filters, which ones should we choose?  Is one’s content worse or better for us than the other?  What are we putting in our bodies?  Single question:  What would the FDA’s choice be?  Call me crazy but let’s just go with that one.  In turn they can shut down production of the one that is not as good for us.  The money the coffee filter manufacturing companies can save and pass it on to the consumer, hence the little guy wins.  Woo Hoo, we might be able win the war on coffee filters!  Until I had so many decisions with the selection process, I had no clue there even was a war on coffee filters.

I usually buy the brown mainly because they are the same in cost.  I went with my individual reasoning process to pick which I would use.  All the while wondering which is best?  Bleached coffee filters versus unbleached coffee filters.  Since I still have the choice, and because they are cuter and I feel like it would be the go  green pick, I have usually gone with the brown.  This week I purchased the white because a packaging message stood out and got me thinking.  It indicated they are purified and that is so great to know.  After all of the rodents and bugs in the warehouses through the packing and shipping process, I am sure they are completely safe.  I must add that I have city water so I am sure I have plenty of bleach in that for safe consumption, so I guess I will continue to choose the brown or unbleached, because those spend less time in a “process” from production to box to ship to shelf.

As I realized how much energy I have put into thinking about coffee filters, I believe I am going to use the gold mesh one that came with my pot until I can purchase some other coffee maker as I do not really like my current one anyways, and it is a high end $100.00 coffee maker.  It is stainless steel very cute and in semi new condition.  It is about 5 years old.  Any bidders?  I will start the bid at $50.00.

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