Hot Air Popper Gourmet Popcorn Recipe

A Lot of Hot Air

I refuse to eat popcorn if it is tasteless or soggy.  I want it to be like movie popcorn, or the kind we watched being made as kids in a pan with hot oil, probably Crisco which is not what I would suggest be used today.  If you are old enough to even know what I am talking about, and you would like to show your kids how to make popcorn in a pan, over a stove burner, be sure to use butter or canola oil instead of Crisco.  If you still do not know what I am referring to and thinking I mean Jiffy Pop, I don’t.  If you make Jiffy Pop, do not use any Crisco, butter or oil, it is in the pan already.

Believe it or not, there are many kids and young adults who are alive today that have no idea that popcorn can be made any other way than in the microwave.  A great invention, it is hard to believe it was invented approximately 25 years ago.  Great invention, unless it gets burnt.

Somewhere in all of this popcorn history, the hot air popper was invented.  I remember making popcorn in one and trying to eat it without butter, what a joke.  Popcorn plain is not really enjoyable at all.

Okay, enough ramblings of hot air, onto the recipe:

Hot air popcorn popper.  Know how to operate yours.

Seasonings:  there are many.  You can purchase popcorn seasonings ready made or make your own using butter and/or oil and dry spices, cocoa or envelopes of seasonings like taco, cheese sauce, ranch, barbecue, Mrs. Dash, pepper or salt.

If you are a new to the kitchen, find a recipe and follow it in detail until you figure out the process for flavoring popcorn.  For those of you who are pretty used to getting around in a kitchen, always have about 4 T of melted butter (or preferred oil) for every 2 quarts of popped popcorn (which is the standard serving that most hot air popcorn poppers make).  It is best to allow the corn to pop into a larger bowl so mixing and adding ingredients as the corn pops is easier.  Make up your seasoning and prepare the oil or melt the butter before starting the hot air popper.  As the popcorn pops into the bowl, add oil and or seasoning in an alternate fashion.  Once it is done popping give the bowl a final toss to mix.  You may serve immediately, or allow the popcorn to cool and bag to eat it later.

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