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I looked out the window this morning and searched for even a small dirty pile of un-melted snow and I did not see any.  It was a really neat winter.  I loved it.  Thank you God.

Summer’s End

This summer has flown right by and that does not bother me one bit.  I enjoy every day, no matter what the weather.  I would however, take a blizzard over the heat any day.  I miss the greens and colors of summer when it is over, but I enjoy seeing a bright red cardinal on a tree branch covered in white snow during the winter.

I do not complain about the weather, you cannot change it, you cannot vote for change – so I take what I get.  Any day that I see the weather of the day is a wonderful day.  I enjoy life and all days are beautiful.


As a Mostly Upbeat and Positive Person…

I intend to keep working to be that way, and to make a difference in this world.  The one thing that I find that brings me down is negative comments that we make about other people.  I try not to do it. 

When I make an observation about someone and mention that out loud to someone else, to me it becomes gossipy slander.  I do not like it one bit.  I do not want to talk about people, and I do not want to hear others talking about people.

We are grown assed people and there is so much more to talk about in life than the lives of other people.

Now, with that said.  Let me go into the land and continue to practice using less words.

Still a Spell Checker

It is called a dictionary, own one or at least download an app.

I realize that our culture has changed and it is no longer important to write as precise as we once had to when communicating via the written word.  To Be Honest (TBH), I rather enjoy the short cuts.  I do  not use them a lot because writing is important to me.

On this site though, I think I am going to give it up.  I just found an article where I spelled the word idol correctly, but used it totally out of context.  I should have used the word idle.  I still did Spullchuck, and it did not find it as an error.

My writing regimen requires me to correct the blatant error, look up the word in a physical dictionary.  Read the definition and move on.  Can you say anal retentive?  At least I am over it now, on to the next thing.

ILFTAMRWSOTS – YOLO, so I may as well just write, do a quick proof-read and spull chuck and publish (on here)!  Happy reading, use the contact us button for feedback.

New Year, New Home

After a year of apartment living, I have moved once again.  This is the 3rd year of moving during the holiday season, and I cannot even believe how time flies.  I still recall details of each  move as if it were yesterday.  Actually, yesterday is the day the latest move was finalized.  On New Year’s Eve.

Today as I sit among boxes and totes and lamps and precious glasswares I am feeling comfortable and at home.  More-so than in the house I had for a dozen years.  Home is not the building, but in a way  it is.  You can make due living nearly anywhere, but if the environment is not peaceful and functional one may not feel at home. 

Since I have sold my house, I have experienced both  duplex living and apartment living.  I have learned that my preference is a house.  I like to know that when I come in and close the door that no others walk in my building.  I like knowing that when I check to ensure the stove is off, that is that and no wondering about the others in the building.  I like knowing that when I yell Selena during the movie, whose title is the same, that no one will wonder if I am really crazy.

It is the little things in life that make me happy.

Is facebook Down Today?

To have asked this question ten years ago would have made absolutely no sense at all.  Imagine the look or response you would have received if you had asked someone “Is facebook down today?”  Puzzled faces for certain.

I am disappointed in myself for pondering the very fact that facebook may be having some issues today.  It is not that I care so much to sign in, but if it is just me having the problem I would like to know as I hate having computer problems.  My laptop recently crashed.  I am back to working on an old Dell desktop in the basement.  If it is something to do with my computer that I cannot access the facebook, I want to know.  If I have been somehow hacked on my facebook, I want to know.

Perhaps this will lead me to deactivate my account and not spend more time than I want to reading status updates that tell me of cat vomit, headaches or vague descriptions of woe.  It is not that I am saying these updates are of no value to someone.  They are just of no value to me.  I would hope that if one of my friends needed me to help in a situation, they would contact me personally.

I imagine when people write about an illness or a bad day, they end up feeling worse when no one comments.  The time we spend on facebook should be fun.  If this includes farming, racing cars or mafia wars have at it, please just do not invite me to participate.

So let’s go back in our minds to before facebook (Bf)for a minute, I know it seems a bit impossible given that facebook is a huge part of most of our daily lives.  It is okay though, imagine having no facebook.  The time spent updating it, reading it and viewing pictures was used for something else, what?  Having a real book in your face?  Face to face communication with your friends?  Facing a task or issue head on?  I am not saying to give up facebook, or that it is a bad thing.  I enjoy seeing pictures of my family, friends and it is wonderful to see their children and pets.  Facebook is a good thing, just for a minute imagine life Bf.

Keep It Simple – Make the Google Homepage Plain Again

Google Threw Up On Their New “Classic” Homepage

I love Google.  It is a good search engine, it offers applications for me to keep my schedule, store documents and even set up my personalized iGoogle page.  But, the new wallpaper on the previously simple Google homepage is very distracting and is sort of giving me a headache.

There is the ability to change the wallpaper, but they are all pretty busy looking.  I liked going to Google and being surprised by an inconspicuous memorial, anniversary or even a vintage video game icon each day.  You knew Google was there,and paying attention.  Now, the whole page is splashed with less than flattering wallpaper.  All I can say, is thank goodness I have set up iGoogle to manage my experience or I might have to switch search engines.

C’mon Google, at least give us the option to Keep it simple…Please?

Please tell us this is just one of those one day things and tomorrow it will be back to the Google Homepage we know and love.  Is today the anniversary of the invention of computer screen wallpaper?

At the End of the Day, I am Comfortable in My Own Skin

Really?  Who were the first ones to trend these two phrases? And do the people mean that their skin feels good when they indicate such?  And are they referring to themselves as to how they actually are at the end of the day?  Are they comparing how they feel at the end of the day, or could it be late afternoon or even the beginning of the day?  I know right?

It is really interesting how catch phrases catch on.  Does this mean that we are really listening to one another, or are we just a bunch of copy cats?  Unfortunately, I think it is the latter of the two.

What Will be Said in Tiger’s Press Conference


It does not involve us.  It involves him.  If you choose not to support him anymore, don’t watch him, don’t purchase any merchandise and don’t glorify his actions by caring. 

In the long run, he will probably be just fine.  Look at Bill Clinton. 

I believe Tiger was playing the mistress thing like golf course holes, he had 9, then wanted to go 18.

Why Can’t I Smoke in the Workplace?

Cigarette Butts are Litter too

I am not going to mention the name of the company, but the driver of the technician truck which was parked in front of my house flicked the last of his burning cigarette right onto my street.  I do not appreciate this.  As he sat in the vehicle to smoke the cigarette, he appeared to be working on something.  I wonder if it is against company policy to work and smoke.  Is that considered smoking in the workplace?  There was another individual in the vehicle, was he offended by the smoke?  There is not a whole heck of a lot that I can do about the offender seeing how I am not going to call the police to report a litter bug.

Sure, I could call the company, get through the automated phone system choices and wait on hold until a representative answers my call.  Who has that kind of time?  And really, is she going to care?  She is probably due for a cigarette break herself.  Although, being that her coworker can smoke in his workspace and she cannot, maybe she will report the issue and they will no longer permit smoking in the vehicles.  Perhaps they do not allow smoking in the vehicles to begin with and he will get busted.  This would solve the problem unless it begins a whole rash of gum wrapper litter. 

I don’t even smoke.  The litter is my complaint.  Not just with the huge major company employees, but with millions of other smokers.  Most feel entitled to just flick their cigarette butts wherever they choose, like smoking is cool.  I do not care if people smoke, but when they flick their butts out their car window hitting our cars,  when they drive by and flick them on our lawns, and when they flick them all over our public spaces, it involves us.  We have the right to complain so this can be changed.  Have there been recorded victims of the second hand flick?